Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Welcome, everyone, to the Sacred Cow Wursthaus, where we not only kick over sacred cows, we make German-style sausages out of them. If by that name, you expect this blog to issue irreverent views, blasphemous counter-dogma and scathing criticism of right-wing leaders, you'd be absolutely right! My name's Eric, and I'll be posting all sorts of stuff too far removed from my other blog, which covers pro-evolution & anti-creationist topics. Here, you'll find news & opinions that will blow your mind, guaranteed. I know there are a lot of blogs out there, and that it's easy to lose track in this information-overloaded Internet age. I'll not go on-and-on trying to wax too eloquent about stuff you might only have a couple spare minutes to read about. But I promise you one thing: Here's at least one spot where you'll find some of the best brain-food for your precious time. So enjoy!

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