Friday, October 2, 2009

Putting A Rubber Dog-Turd On Darwin's Legacy

Well, nobody disagreed with my last posting, so that's a pretty good indication that either I was 1.) right on target, and nobody wants to disagree with me, or 2.) everyone's bored with me already. So, that's one issue nailed, on to the next one.

So, apparently, Ray Comfort and his lap-dummy, Kurt Cameron, are teaming up again, this time to hand out copies of Darwin's classic Origin of the Species. Nothing wrong with that, except that Comfort has included a 50-page introduction which gives his twisted attempt at refuting evolution, and that's simply a cheap shot, at best. At worst, it's raping the dead. Idealogical necrophilia.

I wanted to read the 50-page introduction for myself, but unfortunately, Ray Comfort has removed the .pdf link from his ministry's website. (If anybody out there saved it onto their PC or Mac before he quashed it, please, e-mail it to me!) He claims he did this because angry responses from atheists have caused him to withdraw from any public address of the book, or its introduction.

I call bullshit. Oh, I'm sure some atheists responded to him angrily, but I'm sure an equal number of respondents were angry Christians who don't want to see their Lord and Savior publicly fucked by a piss-poor P.R. strategy. AGAIN.
As bad publicity goes, this one ranks (literally, ranks!) near the top. Only Oral Roberts' claim that God would "call him home" if millions weren't raised for his ministry, is worse. It's probably tied with Jim Bakker boinking his secretary. Well, maybe Robertson & Fallwel saying that 9/11 was the fault of gays and liberals might be worse. I mean, better. I mean... Oh, hell! You know what I mean!

In a video promoting this insanity, Cameron makes a number of stupid claims about American culture. He says that kids are no longer allowed to pray in school or read a Bible publicly. Wrong! I WAS the class Jesus-Freak in High School, and I read my Bible and prayed in school almost every day. Nobody stopped me, nobody gave me a detention. The difference is that teachers can't FORCE kids to pray in school anymore. And guys like Cameron are actually pissed about that? But he also points out that over 60% of college professors are atheists or agnostics. "No wonder atheism has doubled among 18 to 25 year olds over the last 20 years."
Um, Kurt? It's TRIPLED among 18-25 year olds. It's only doubled among the general population. But it's not college professors who are responsible. If you want to know why young people are leaving the faith, take a good look in the mirror. It's washed up actors like you who are driving kids away by claiming that artificially-selected domesticated banana plants are somehow God's design, or by acting like shit in the movie-version of your fundie-wish-fulfillment-novel, Left Behind. (Kiss MY left behind, why don't you?) Or blame your fellow washed-up actor buddy Willie Aames, for being stupid enough to play "Bibleman" in purple spandex, and guarantee that kids would go running away from Church, screaming, the very second they hit puberty.

Conscientious college students all over America will be carefully removing Comfort's lame attempt at redacting Darwin via commentary as these books are given away, and the end result will be that Christians will have flooded the market with tons of free copies of Darwin's classic science book. Plus, Christian leadership gets the privilege of looking all kinds of stupid in the process. Wow. Brilliant move, guys.

With enemies like this, who needs friends?

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