Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mosque Near Ground Zero

The new 13-story Islamic center, which is set to be built just two blocks north of ground zero where Islamic extremism destroyed the twin towers, just cleared a final hurdle recently. the building needs to modify a historic landmark structure, and the approval for this was voted in, 9-0.

This has ignited tempers all over New York, and indeed, the entire world. I therefore thought I'd weigh in on it, since, as usual, people's hearts and minds are in the wrong place.

First, let's understand right off that the debate is in the wrong place. It should not be we, the American public, who are arguing over this Mosque-slash-Islamic-Center. As far as We The People are concerned, such debates are already over. Religious freedom is our founding principle, and that's that. Muslims may build a Mosque whenever, and wherever, they like. The right is theirs. Period. And in a land of freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and a free market economy, that's the way it should be.

The debate ought to be among the Muslims!

Yes, the Muslims have the right to build their Mosque near ground zero. But FUCK what a bad P.R. move! Terry Pratchett's fictional engineer, "Bloody Stupid Johnson," could not have designed it worse! There should not be one, NOT ONE, Muslim in favor of this travesty! Every Mohammedan should be in near-riot outrage stage over allowing this big, fat, middle finger to be erected at every New Yorker, and the entire U.S. These Muslim leaders should be asked to step down. These Immams should be defrocked. Any other Muslims behind this should be -- whatever the Mohammedan equivalent of excommunicated is.

So where, oh where, are the enraged Muslims?!

According to the New York Times, certain moderate Muslims are showing "some ambivolence" about the choice of this location.


Okay, I won't join with those who are trying to get legislative and civic leaders to violate religious freedom in order to stop this Center from getting built. But I WILL join with them in voicing my own freedom of speech, and calling this an outrage, an insult, and a deliberately-aimed spit in the face of the families of lost loved ones on 9/11. The sheer stupidity of this is something to behold, and the universality of the myopia among Muslims is staggering. If the popularization of Islam in the West were to be likened to a ship, then it's captain is Peter "Wrong-Way" Peachfuzz! (Go brush up on your Rocky & Bullwinkle, if you don't follow.)

I'll admit it, I would probably be one of those legislators who approved the measures needed to allow this building to be erected. Why? Because Mayor Bloomberg is partially right, we need to show the Islamic world that America stands, if nothing else, for religious tolerance. But the Center will forever be for non-Muslims a wart upon Islam's face. It's spire will be it's first great coffin-nail. It's minaret, a wooden stake through the heart of this vampire-esque religion. These Muslims in New York have raised a Jim-Jones-like glass of poisoned Kool-Aid to their lips.

And the beautiful tragedy of it is, that they don't even realize it.


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