Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Global-Warming Blizzard?

It's the middle of a winter snowstorm right now, and the flakes are really coming down.

No, I don't mean snowflakes. I mean the flakes who deny global warming. They're saying that as we, in Wisconsin are getting dumped upon by more than a foot of snow, that it's the same as getting dumped on by a mountain of evidence that global warming is a hoax.

Could someone PLEASE tell me why global warming is only a hoax during a winter snowstorm!? How quickly we forget the record high summer temperatures we were all sweltering under this past year. How quickly we forget how early Spring arrived after "Snowpocalypse." How quickly we even forget how relatively warm our early November was.

Shit, we have a short memory.

In a nutshell, warm air temperatures in the upper Atlantic sea basin are forcing the Arctic air masses right down on top of us. Those cold, Arctic air pockets can't cross Eastward over the North Atlantic the way they used to, so they have nowhere to go but back, where they make higher pressures over Nova Scotia, and drive low-pressure centers down the only direction they have left -- SOUTH. Relatively high temperatures are being felt RIGHT NOW in Iceland (tomorrow's forecast, 30F, -2C), Edinburough, Scotland (40F, 8C), London (38F, 6C), Paris (41F, 9C), Berlin (37F, 5C), and Oslo, Norway (32F, 0C).

Meanwhile, relatively high temperatures over Seattle, Vancouver, and the entire Pacific Northwest are contributing massive amounts of moisture up into Canada, where it can collide with those south-headed cold air masses coming down toward us, and dump us with more snow that we can handle for a second straight year. Current temperatures RIGHT NOW in Seattle are 35 degrees.

Here's what really frosts me (pun intended). RIGHT NOW in Anchorage, Alaska, where Sarah Palin should be able to see better, the temperature at this very moment (1:20 a.m., Central Standard Time, February 3, 2011), is a very comfortable 32 degrees, and partly cloudy.

So, to all you global warming deniers, on behalf of the residents of the Pacific Northwest, Iceland, the UK and EU, please...

Go fuck yourselves!


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