Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pro-Life? Well, Try ME!

Oh, no, anything but another abortion debate!

Well, don't worry. There won't be a debate. Because the debate is over. Because it's a scientific fact that the brain, not conception, defines the being, and that means that the pro-life side, which married itself to conception as the place to draw the line, ended up hanging a millstone about its neck and throwing itself into the sea -- for causing so very many little ones, in this case teenage girls, to stumble.

The debate is over. The pro-life side lost, and I can prove it.

For my complete expose on the proof of the brain defining the line at which a fetus has rights, visit my free online book, which I'm working to release as a podio-book, and a free Kindle release:

In the meantime, Republican legislators are publicly raping their own principle of less government by blocking the rights of those women who have been raped. In South Dakota, women now are required to undergo a 72-hour wait while going to a "pregnancy crisis center" first. This quack-infested "counseling" center is where those seeking abortion get subjected to as much pro-life indoctrination as possible before getting their medical care. It amounts to a government endorsed picket-line, where pro-lifers may harass women going to get an abortion all they want. That's certainly one way to get around being required to be 100 yards away from the entrance! It is yet another government-funded religious initiative, instituted at a time in which we are oh, so concerned about religion in the potential new government of Libya. Oh, the irony! This while the house votes to de-fund the drop in the ocean of government funding which is Planned Parenthood's meager support. That's right, fuck the cancer screenings. Fuck the education programs. Fuck the contraception to keep the abortions from being necessary in the first place. And then, fuck the women a second time after they've been raped. Oh, how stupid religious bias makes otherwise smart people!

Speaking of which, I defy any religious leader to show me ANY proof that God, that gratuitous slayer of post-born children in the Old Testament, of all people, actually disapproves of abortion. Go ahead!

God never said anything about abortion in the Bible, because abortion didn't exist then. It is only the tradition, invented by male clergy, that dictates that abortion is a sin. In short, when you were told that abortion was contrary to God's will, you were LIED to.

Were I God, I'd have a special place in hell for those who dared to put words in my mouth.

I have seen the future. The truth of the brain defining the start of a living being is simply not going to remain the elephant in the room everyone refuses to talk about. Sooner or later, people will wake up to the fact that early-term abortion is very, very, VERY ethical. And that means rape victims have a -- yes, I'll say it -- God-given right to their care, as do teenage girls looking desperately to avoid having their young lives ruined.

Republicans WILL loose massive numbers of elections if they do not remove anti-abortion from their political platform -- IMMEDIATELY.

And now I challenge you, my dear seven readers. Do you feel you can take me on? Are you passionately pro-life? Do you think you can defend your position? I challenge you! Go on! Debate with me! See if you silliness can hold up to science.

I triple-dog dare ya!


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