Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Challenge: Give Me ONE Reason!

I should clarify something. In the previous blog post I said that I wanted the ability to vote Republican back. I should have specified, I was referring to Congress. I wasn't talking about this year's presidential election. And certainly not about Mitt Romney. No way.

There's something odd going on, here. Mitt was trailing Obama by double-digits for months. Suddenly, he wins the Republican nomination by default, has worse opening numbers than John McCain, still trails Obama by a hefty sum, but then, the economy levels off, showing only the slightest bit of temporary negative numbers, and now it's a tie? Obama and Mitt are neck-and-neck?

There's something weird going on, here. Somebody's numbers are lying. I smell bullshit! And I'm hardly a conspiracy theorist about it.

Mitt Romney may seriously be the worst presidential candidate of any party that I've witnessed in my lifetime. No, I didn't say it, the Republicans did. There is really nothing bad I can say about the guy that most Republicans have not already screamed first. My few loyal readers already know I think Obama is the best candidate we've ever had, even though his shining armor has tarnished a bit. So this should be no contest. Mitt should be getting beaten like a redheaded stepchild, short of the economy taking an absolute nosedive. Yet poll numbers are showing otherwise. I don't get it. The man who killed Bin Laden is facing off against the guy who practically invented Obamacare, who believes he's wearing holy underwear, and who has a Stepford wife, and it's even a contest?

So, I propose an experiment. Tell me why you want to vote for Romney. I WANT FEEDBACK! Talk to me! I want to see what Romney supporters think. Is this genuine support, or a sudden swelling of irrational hatred for Obama? Are there former Obama supporters out there who are disappointed in him who are willing to cross over? Are people just forgetting how crazy Romney is? Tell me why he's palatable as a candidate.

And, just as an attachment, I issue the following challenge:


I honestly can't think of one. Can you? If you can, I want to hear it. Because the only way I see it is that he's a two-faced, lying copy of Obamacare who's a bigger waffle than Clinton, and a more limp wind-sock than Bob Dole. Hey, that's what I heard from Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich AND Bill O'Reilly! Don't blame me!

Can you think of one? Just one? I'll be asking all year, so you have lots of time to think about it.


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