Monday, July 2, 2012

How To Ruin An Economy

The best way to ruin any economy is to create an environment where employers don't hire people. Simple, right?

So, say for example that you're a wealthy person.  A potential job-creator, you would assume. Ah, but no, you've been influenced by right-wing media, and so instead of hiring more workers, you'll take tons of your money and dump it into campaign contributions instead.  Every dollar spent on campaign contributions is one dollar not spent on salaries, you know.  So, the more you spend, the worse the economy gets. (Way to go, genius!)

And now (get this), thanks to the Citizens' United 5 to 4 ruling, you get to not spend money on job-creation to your heart's content and REALLY wreck the economy! All the while, you'll be making things worse and worse leading up to November, all because of your reckless checkbook.

AND (here's the best part), you get to blame the President for all of it. Nobody will blame you, or the other legislators your extravagant spending helped put into office to block any progress from being done. How ironic! You were so concerned about government's wasteful spending that you didn't mind your own.

America. What a country! It puts up with the likes of you.

I've got a better idea: How about one man, one vote? Remember that one? And since money amounts to voting influence, the rich get more voting power than the poor under Citizens' United. That may be just fine for China, but I happen to think that America should be setting a higher standard for freedom and equity in the democratic process.

It's the Romney campaign, and Citizens' United, that is escalating all this. But liberal big money goes into it too. There are left-wing rich people just like there are right-wing rich people. And neither of them will be hiring so long as the runaway train of campaign finance keeps bleeding them dry. That means every dollar (One.) spent on Romney means one more dollar which has to be spent on Obama in order to catch up. (That's two.) Every Romney dollar means a dollar for each campaign, federal state and local, for like-minded legislators to support Romney. (Hundreds more.) That means one more competing dollar for each federal state and local campaign to support Obama. (Hundreds more on top of that.) When the rich people on both sides of the political aisle are done throwing away all this cash, there simply won't be enough to hire anybody! Unless, of course, you work for the television executives who are raking in all this extra dough, and stashing it away in the Grand Cayman Islands.

After all the multipliers, it's safe to say therefore that every dollar given to Romney is the equivalent of creating one less job! Maybe more!

Ha! Stick THAT in your pipe and smoke it!

If we can have spending caps in professional sports, we can damned well have them in politics where the final score actually counts for something!

Fuck campaign finance reform. Let's just end ALL the campaign financing. That money is needed for jobs! Shoe-leather and handshake politics only from now on! Let's end the needless political warfare, which is nearly entirely comprised of irrational hatred for our president. End it! End it now!

(Well, I can dream, can't I?)


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