Thursday, January 17, 2013

Mexico Wants U.S. Gun Laws

Mexico is closely watching the recent moves the U.S. is making at potentially changing its gun laws.

It’s hoping for assault weapons restrictions.

It’s the dirtiest little secret in politics, but there is a direct link between U.S. gun laws and Mexican poverty. The economy in Mexico suffers in large part because drug cartels keep crushing it with gratuitous violence. It is no secret how these cartels get their arms - they receive most of their guns from black market merchants within the United States. These gun runners buy up assault rifles at gun shows (such as the one recently held in Waukesha last weekend) and then sell them to Mexican thugs, either just north or just south of the border, at a profit. Often, a guns-for-drugs barter is the arrangement.

With drug lords threatening Mexican citizens at every turn, and protecting drug grows in unpredictable locations, business owners find it impossible to expand their interests and hire any workers.  Drug cartels hamper everything in Mexico, whether it be building infrastructure for power, water, roads and bridges to destabilizing the kind of domestic tranquility any business needs to survive. As a direct result, frustrated and starving citizens who are pissed off at not being able to feed themselves and their families end up fleeing north of the border – because they simply have no other choice.

Then, as if to pour salt upon Mexico’s wounds, the very ones who are the strongest opponents of gun laws are also the strongest opponents of immigration! Talk about hubris! It’s a big, fat middle finger to all Latinos. If rednecks are going to force Mexicans to starve with their oh-so-precious NRA extremism, then for Christ’s sake, they should at least let them escape to the U.S.!

Let’s spick it to ‘em!

Of course, the other side of the equation is to legalize marijuana, thus robbing Mexican drug cartels of their financial wherewithal. But that’s a subject for a different blog post.

At barest minimum, the hammer must fall on goddamned gun shows! Even if one absurdly insists that a citizen has the right to own the weapon of a soldier and not a hunter, there is absolutely, positively no fucking excuse for buying more than one assault rifle in a given year! If any fool buys two or more assault rifles at a gun show, that asshole should have two or more feds tailing his ass! Doesn’t it at least make sense to limit the purchase of an assault rifle to one per year, per citizen? Over 25 years, that’s 25 rifles, which is more than enough to defend any man’s castle!

And it would stop the Mexican drug cartels cold!

On second thought, nah, that would make too much sense!



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