Sunday, March 23, 2008

Barack Obama's Pastor

Okay, let's put this issue to bed:

Barack Obama has a Pastor (actually, now former Pastor) who is a bit of a nut. But really, aren't they all? Let's bear in mind that the Republicans, who are the ones making the big stink about this, are the ones who have given Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell a free pass in the White House as advisors, both of whom are TEN TIMES AS CRAZY as the Rev. Jeremiah Wright! So why is this even an issue?

Last time I checked, the Rev. Wright was not the candidate!

Okay, let's draw another comparison with someone conservatives love: Jesus Christ. He hung out with twelve complete scumbags, none of whom ever lifted a finger to help him when he was arrested. There was Peter, a cursing fishmonger, James and John who were two complete narcissists, and let's not forget Judas, the member of his inner circle who later stabbed him in the back by betraying him. Some man following Jesus was wearing only a sheet at the time he was arrested, and ran off naked when the soldiers tried to arrest him. What was Jesus' relationship to this man? And, to top it off, Jesus was often found in the company of one Mary Magdalene, a known prostitute! Eliot Spitzer would be proud! Clearly, Jesus did not pick his friends well, and that speaks poorly of his character.

Yet is there even one conservative republican who wouldn't make Jesus his commander-in-chief? Isn't that the LEAST of the honors they would bestow upon him? Why then, are people holding Barack Obama, a mere mortal, to a higher standard of conduct than Jesus fucking Christ?!?!?!!

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