Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dennis Miller Passes Away

The world today is mourning the sad loss of Dennis Miller, who passed away Wednesday night, Sept. 26 during a taping of The O’Reilly Factor on Fox News.  Dennis finally lost his long battle with Gallheimer’s disease, a debilitating and degenerative ailment which slowly robs the mind of a pleasant personality, and replaces it with an unpleasant one.  It’s signature manifestation is the slow but steady disappearance of all jollity, mirth and joy, which is then replaced with anger, hatred and vitriol.  Death follows when the disease has replaced all of the original person’s identity. Dennis was diagnosed with the disease several years ago. He will be missed.

“He’s gone,” said fellow Saturday Night Live cast member, Damon Wayans. “I remember so well how he always had that  happy disposition, that twinkle in his eye, that spring in his step, and how he could come up with a witty remark instantly out of thin air. (1953 – 2012). Now, that twinkle is gone. I look at him, and I don’t even recognize him anymore. He barely even smiles.”

“You know, at first, I refused to believe it,” said David Spade, who starred along with Miller in the movie, Joe Dirt. “Dennis of all people? No way would he succumb to Gallheimer’s! I mean, he was so positive. He always saw the lighter side of everything. Nothing could keep him down. Then I watched him on O’Reilly talking about President Obama’s appearance on David Letterman, and saw him explode into an angry tirade. That’s when I knew. Oh, God, how could this happen?”

“I know how rough it is,” said Don Novello, another SNL colleague.  “When you see a close friend or a loved one slowly fade away. It’s horrible.” Don Novello portrayed Father Guido Sarducci.

Dana Carvey was quoted as saying, “You know, some people say he just hates Obama, but I don’t think that’s it.” Dana Carvey studied Dennis Miller intensely in order to impersonate his style on SNL’s Weekend Update sketch. “I just think that after 9/11, Dennis was very anti-terrorist, and sided with the ultra-conservatives who were as anti-terrorist as he was. After several years, all the other shit the radical right spews out can begin to affect a guy. He only hates Obama because he can’t believe an entire segment of media can be bought, sold, and then be totally wrong as a result.  Which, you gotta admit, is pretty incredible, especially in America.” Right-wing media has been known to be a carrier of Gallheimer’s disease.

A private memorial service will be held in Dennis’ honor by friends and family at his estate in Santa Barbara, CA. The Tea-Party’s celebration rally for the new, grouchy Dennis Miller will be held in Washington, D.C. next Thursday.

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