Saturday, September 8, 2012

What SHOULD Have Been Said At The DNC Is...

I liked many of the speeches given at the Democratic National Convention. But the biggest item, the most important one, was left unsaid. How frustrating!

Oh, Bill Clinton came close to saying it. So did our President. But neither one outright did. So, for the benefit of all, here it is:

There are exactly 240 reasons that job growth has slowed, and unemployment remains high. 240. That happens to be the exact number of Republicans in the House of Representatives. And since 2010 they have deliberately blocked every attempt Barack Obama has made to help the economy. They have undermined the economy over the last two years, blatantly, and on purpose, for all the world to clearly see! Why? Because economic recovery meant a Barack Obama victory, and they would rather eat broken glass than let Obama win one, little thing. When it came time to put Americans back to work, Republicans said, "No! No! No! Stay jobless!" When it came time to build, Republicans said "Destroy!" When it came time for the economy to rise, Republicans, with one, unambiguously loud voice, shrieked, "Sink, damn you! Sink!"

Now, all their hard work at keeping you out of work has come to a head. They have sacrificed us all on the alter of their insane ambition to never heal our nation, to keep it divided, and to make sure that only their partisan side is heard. After doing such a great job at preventing Obama from helping the economy, they now are attacking Obama for not helping the economy! And that's a great tactic, if  people aren't paying attention. But I happen to think that sort of crime is worthy of incarceration, rather than inauguration!

You threw us all under the bus just so that you could lynch a black man. And now you want the Oval Office? Not on my watch!

All that would be reason enough to never vote for the Republican candidate for president, even if conservatives had selected a mouth-watering candidate, like Jeb Bush. But all they could find to dare dream the impossible dream of destroying the American Dream, was a tax evading Mormon born with a silver spoon in his mouth; a man who is shifty, a blatant liar, and (yes, I'll say it!) not even a true Christian.

Even if our wheels needed a change, you can't replace a flat tire with a turd.

Why all this hatred? Why has one side of the debate become so blind that they would rather see us all lose rather than give Obama one win?

Ultimately, I don't know. Oh, I could say how it all comes down to Roe v. Wade. I could point out how conservatives can sense how they've come so close to stacking the Supreme Court with one-sided monsters who will overturn a woman's right to chose, and can feel how it will all slip away if they lose four years of opportunity to continue that trend. I could argue that this whole Tea Party debacle is the result of the monopolization of the A.M. airwaves by right-wing interests and that somehow anti-trust laws have overlooked this. I could point out that, in spite of a near-century of unbridled success, people don't believe that government spending helps an economy. I could even point out how all this is tied to xenophobia and racism. Maybe I'm even right about that. But the level of stupidity and blindness that would have to be nurtured and defended by the general public would have to be so low that I find myself even doubting that's even remotely possible.

Meanwhile, the slow growth of the economy can be summed up in three letters: G.O.P.! And if the economy seems sluggish, that's only because there's a big, fat elephant sitting on top of it! This is a "right-wing recession," a "conservative conflation," a "Republican relapse."

Remember that in November.



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