Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Religion of Obama-Hatred

Hating President Barack Obama is a religion. We know it is a religion because it is a position based, not on reasoned evidence, but upon blind faith. There is nothing rational about hating our president.

If you doubt this, you have only to look at the reaction to Obama being one of the two giants swooping in for the post-hurricane-Sandy relief effort (the other being Governor Chris Christie). Even now, with his bipartisan bona fides finally confirmed (after four solid years of bridge building to the Republican side - and why the hell did it take a disaster of this magnitude to finally accomplish this?) there are still many who will hate Obama no matter what. He is the killer of Osama Bin Laden, the slayer of Somali pirates, the man who helped Libya get out from under the boot of Momar Khaddafi, the man who stopped the Bush recession cold and brought about solid economic growth for two and a half years. But none of that matters in the religion of Obama-hatred. He is the Antichrist, and that's that.

The basis of the religion of Obama-hatred lies in the doctrines of some other religions which have preceded it, and given direct rise to it. (Proof positive that, if nothing else evolves, religion does.) For example, the religion of Personhood, which believes, totally on nothing more than faith alone, that conception defines the start of a being. Never mind that the development of the fetal brain - which science clearly teaches us is the true measure of this point, and that this point happens quite a long time after conception - is the real issue. This religion has some offshoot denominations, the two most prominent being the Slanted Justice denomination, which wants to put biased Supreme Court justices on the bench (personally, I don't want ANY slant on the Supreme Court, damn it all!) solely to overturn Roe v. Wade, and the Big Government Inside Women's Uteruses (B.G.I.W.U.) denomination, which believes that Marxist-Leninist Socialism should control the female reproductive system. These religious sects essentially drive the Obama-hatred religion, which explains why a healthcare system which every Republican would have loved, and which Mitt Romney was counting on to win him the White House, is now decried as pure evil. The difference between Romneycare and Obamacare isn't the system, it's that one person wants to uphold Roe v. Wade, and the other wants to overturn it (if he doesn't flip-flop on that issue yet again). Were the healthcare reform law to have been proposed and enacted by a Republican, the Tea Party would have had no problem with it whatsoever.

Another religion which has contributed to the formation of the Obama-hatred faith is the God Hates Fags cult. Unlike other religious movements, this one is a direct offshoot of certain Christian scriptures which unambiguously declare homosexuality to be, at the very least, contrary to nature. This starkly differs from the Personhood religion in that Personhood has no support from the Bible or from any form of Divine Revelation. It is solely based on an assumption, made by flawed human beings, all of them male priests. But the God Hates Fags movement actually has some scriptures to quote, making them more Bible-bashing than most perversions of Christianity. Obama clearly believes that it isn't the governments business to tell homosexuals how they are supposed to live their lives, but this isn't satisfactory to the G.H.F. Rather, the G.H.F. thinks that Big Government should direct the minutiae of people's sex lives, which again is a Marxist-Leninist level of Communism not seen since the fall of the Soviet Union. Obama opposes this form of communistic control, and for that, he himself is labeled a communist. (!) Hence, the religion of Obama-hatred must condemn him.

Finally, there is the religion of Anti-Science (or A.S.), which opposes Obama. This religion is unusual in that it has people from both the Right and the Left comprising it. Those on the Right are well known for their opposition to evolution and climate change, and were notorious in years past for insisting that cigarettes didn't necessarily cause cancer, or that chloro-fluorocarbons weren't eroding the ozone layer. But those on the Left are less conspicuous. They are typically the ones who oppose vaccination for children, or insist that genetically modified organisms are evil "Frankenfoods," rather than the essential means to increase food production in harsher climates so that we can provide good nutrition to an increasingly growing world population. President Obama is decidedly pro-science (except, oddly, when it comes to funding NASA), and so the anti-science crowd condemns him for teaching evolution in the classroom or pushing for their kids to get protected from diseases which could kill them. Women who oppose Obama despite being in favor of defending their reproductive rights often fall into this camp.

These religions have all morphed into the religion of Obama-Hate, which will last for another four years at bare minimum (because Obama WILL win). After that time, it will dissipate into its separate religions again, unless it morphs into yet another religion, such as Hillary-Hatred.

What does all this mean for you, the reader? Simply this: That you can never talk a person out of Obama-Hatred using rational means. Faith simply doesn't work that way. It doesn't work when talking science with a creationist, talking medicine with an anti-vaccination nut, or talking economics with a deregulation dittohead. You just can't talk people like that out of their belief system.

It's almost as impossible as the futility of talking someone out of giving money to their pedophile-supporting Catholic priesthood.



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