Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Why Is Mitt Even Running?

If you're planning on voting for Mitt Romney this November, you probably think you know why he's running for president in the first place. But you're wrong.

Is he running because he wants to create more jobs? I'm sure he thinks so, but that's not the main reason. Is he running because he wants to see a more conservative America? Probably. But not in the way the Christian Coalition thinks of as "conservative," and even then, it's still not the main reason. Is he running because he wants to reign in the deficit, pay down the national debt, and create a brighter future for tomorrow? He'll say he is, but even if true, that's not the main reason, either. Just what is the main reason Mitt Romney is running for office?

Simple. Mitt Romney wants to be president to gain full acceptance for the Mormon faith in American culture.

Yep. That's it. That's the main reason he wants to be president. Everything else is secondary to him.

I can prove it without lifting a finger! Just look at his wind-sock record of shifting positions whenever it suits him. To win Massachusetts, he claimed he was pro-choice. Only after he'd won and decided he wasn't running for a second term did he turn around and declare himself pro-life. He knew he'd have to if he had any chance of winning the Republican nomination. Then he passed health care reform in that state as a "legacy issue," thinking that he would ride that bit of success right into the White House. After all, it was a Republican reform plan, wasn't it? Proposed under Clinton by Newt Gingrich himself? Both parties could get behind it, and Mitt would be able to ride the tide right into the Oval Office. But doggone it, that Barack Obama guy beat him to it! And now, just because they have to be opposed to the black guy no matter what, they condemned the Republican version of health care reform as "socialist" and "a government takeover." Whether that is rational or not didn't matter to Mitt Romney. He could have spoken up and added a dose of sanity to the right-wing rhetoric, pointing out just how Republican that health care reform bill was, having been invented by him, a Republican governor, dealing with a Democratic legislature. But no. He wanted the presidency more than he wanted to help America. So he did a 180-degree flip, and now opposes the very health care reform that he was supposed to have backed all the way.

That's some kind of hypocritical shift, there.

And that's not even including all the other flip flops he's done. He's flipped on "self-deportation," the 47% comment, taxing the rich, supporting minimum wage hikes, supporting the war in Vietnam he was too chicken-shit to fight in, gays serving in the military, and of course, his own father's standard of releasing tax returns.

He's a "serial waffler."

But why? Why is he willing to be so obvious a hypocrite? The only possible answer is that he cares more about winning the race for president than he cares about how he wins it. And why?

Because a Mormon president is a permanent win for Mormonism. After that, Joseph Smith is instantly promoted from bat-shit crazy asshole to being as Yankee as apple pie and Monday Night Football.

His hidden manifesto is: advance Mormonism, to hell with everything else. Make no mistake, Mitt Romney is a Mormon Bishop first, and a member of the Republican Party second.

This is your candidate, Republicans: a Mormon missionary who is disguised as a legitimate nominee. He is Brigham Young's Manchurian Candidate. And you will rue the day you voted for him, if he wins. We'll probably vote  him down this time (barely), but be warned: There are hundreds of other little Mitt Romneys out there, and every one of them will try to become president in order to win America for Mormonism.

Be on your guard.



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