Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New Mascot: Mohammed the Teddy Bear!

Introducing our new Sacred Cow Wursthaus mascot, and co-host of the SCW podcast, our teddy bear, Mohammed!

Yes, he's named after the embarrassing incident in Sudan in 2007, where a British school teacher named Gillian Gibbons was arrested and nearly beheaded for letting her school children name a teddy bear Mohammed.  She eventually had to be smuggled out of the country for fear that an angry mob might lynch her.

As you can see, Mohammed is sporting the latest fashion statement - solidarity with our fallen brother and sister freethinkers in France who were pointlessly gunned down by imbeciles who actually thought that this would prevent people from insulting Mohammed in the future.  Now, their heinous acts have opened the floodgates of Mohammedan insult.

Extremists of the world, prepare to be mocked like you have never been mocked before!  Vivre Le France!



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