Thursday, December 20, 2012

Miss Universe

I recently wrote to the newly crowned Miss Universe. My letter to her is reprinted below, as I thought you all might find it interesting.

Dear Olivia Culpo,
    Congratulations on winning the Miss Universe Pageant. I must say that I find no fault with the judges decision, and I'm quite sure that I speak for a large majority of men out there.
    Since you are from Rhode Island, you have a unique opportunity to speak up regarding the recent tragedy in Sandy Hook Elementary School in a way no one else can. I'm a resident of the Milwaukee, WI area, and the mass shooting at the Sikh Temple in Oak Creek happened right near my cousins' house, so the issue is very close to me. I think that it goes without saying that defensive, rather than offensive, weapons could prevent or greatly reduce such tragedies. I am speaking of Tasers, of course.
    Did you know that Rhode Island is the only state in the union where one can purchase an assault rifle and not a Taser? I find this to be a remarkable injustice in a nation where, presumably, we have the right to bear arms. When I think of how many more little angels there would be on earth rather than in heaven if just one security guard or teacher had a Taser, it makes my heart sink. Unfortunately, in Connecticut, Tasers are legal only in one's private home.
    The cliche among those in your particular profession is that you all want "world peace." Isn't advocating weapons which stun, but don't kill, an excellent place to start? I hope you'll consider my humble suggestion. Thank you.

Eric J. Hildeman
Milwaukee, WI

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