Monday, September 12, 2016

Gary Johnson Could Win This Thing!

It's amazing how few people who bitch that we need a third option actually vote for one. Especially since there is only one true conservative running for office this election year.

No, I don't mean Donald Trump. He's a simple narcissist, a lifetime member of the sex and money party, and he's no more a conservative than Bernie Sanders is.

Meanwhile, here's Gary Johnson. He's for lower and more responsible taxation. He was governor of Arizona, and knows the immigration controversy better than most. He wants less government. He wants to protect religious liberty. Sure, he's in favor of legalizing marijuana and is not out to destroy gays and lesbians, but other than that, what's keeping this guy from stealing every last Trump vote?

Simple. Abortion. Gary Johnson is pro-choice. Were it not for that, he would be the darling of the Values Voter Summit instead of Trump, even though Trump is about as anti-abortion as Johnson is. They would rather support someone who tells them the lie they want to hear rather than the truth which they are actually voting for.

So how could Johnson turn that around? He can't and won't compromise his principles, and he can't say something wishy-washy like, "I'll make it more difficult for abortions to take place." So what can he do?

Something very simple, actually. All he has to say is, "I pledge to put conservative justices on the Supreme Court."

That's it! He doesn't even have to say that these conservative justices are necessarily anti-abortion. The words "conservative" and "justice" are enough!

Either that, or conservatives will have to get off their high-horse and stop being single-issue voters.




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