Monday, September 12, 2016

Wow. Facebook Really Does Block 3rd Parties!

Okay, guys. I just made a blog post arguing why "G.J." (I won't use a flaggable name) could win. My purpose was not to actually help the guy win, but to help draw sensible voters away from the Trump-monster.

Facebook blocked the post. What the literal fuck?!

You all know me. You know what offensive content I deliberately write, and how laced it is with pro-Hillary, leftist and acidic profanity.

So why, do you suppose, they finally decided to block this recent post?

This is America. I don't care how evil your viewpoint is, you don't block someone else's freedom of speech. EVER! After all, I hate Trump with a passion. I regard his supporters as ignorant in the extreme. But I will fight tooth and toenail for their right to speak. And that goes double for supporters of "G.J." At least that candidate was a governor.

So speak up! Make a fuss! Facebook cannot and must not institute its own Comstock Laws on people! Fuck that shit!



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