Saturday, September 17, 2016

Trump And Oz

There was quite a spectacle on the Dr. Oz show last Thursday. Donald Trump appeared on the show to demonstrate the world he's healthy. And what a pair they made in front of the camera!

One of them is a sleazy, unethical businessman who will say anything to make money. The other is Donald Trump.

Seriously, dude? You went on the Doctor Oz show to demonstrate you're healthy?

Never mind that the new medical statement comes from the same kooky gastroenterologist who wrote the previous one. Never mind that it really tells us nothing new, or indeed anything whatsoever. Appearing on the Dr. Oz show to demonstrate your health is akin to appearing on The Ozbournes to demonstrate your sanity, or Keeping Up With The Kardashians to prove that you're chaste.

As doctors go, Oz can't get much worse. He has repeatedly promoted products that are not only not healthy, they are downright harmful! He has abandoned his hypocratic oath to endorse any so-called "health" product that is willing to meet his high endorsement price. It would be one thing if he were pushing products that were merely homeopathic crap. Who cares about frauds who hawk sugar pills? But he has pushed for things that actively damage the bodies of his viewing audience. He takes healthy people, and makes them sick! There is no better definition of the word "quack" than Dr. Oz!

How bad does it have to get when the most prestigious medical scientists want him dismissed as vice president of Columbia University's prestigious department of surgery, when he doesn't even do anything there? How bad does it have to get when a Senate panel blasted him for promoting a "miracle" weight loss product that didn't work? If there's one thing politicians know, it's fakery! And when they call someone out on it who isn't running against them, it's a pretty good bet that it's a special level of low.

His show should be on QVC, not ABC.

And yet Oz and Trump are similar creatures. They both lie for a living. They are both fakes of television, and they both put showmanship ahead of professional integrity.

No wonder Trump chose him to deal with a "health" issue.

As a result, we still know nothing about Trump's health. And although Hillary has been less than immediately forthcoming on that subject either, we at least know something about her health with certainty. Trump, by contrast, could drop dead of a heart attack tomorrow for all we know.

We can only hope.

Donald has committed a few hundred gaffs so far this election cycle. But in my opinion, this is the worst one. Simply appearing on the same stage as Dr. Oz shows that he is a man without scruples, without morals, without integrity.

Just like Dr. Oz himself.



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