Saturday, September 10, 2016

Mother Theresa Was No Saint

So, the Catholic Church has canonized Mother Teresa of Kalcota as a Saint. A no brainer, right? She fed poor children, cared for the sick, and kept almost no possessions for herself. If she's not a saint, nobody is.

Well, that's all bullshit, cooked up by a gullible media for an even more gullible public. Christopher Hitchens may be gone, but the criticisms he laid on her are every bit as true now as they were years ago.

She fed the children, you say? True. But she then denied them the contraceptive care that would have made her aid permanent. So she fed hungry children, who then had more children who needed to be fed, and these had even more children who needed to be fed, etc. etc. It became a runaway cycle, and it never occurred to this batty old nun that  maybe she could keep everyone fed if only they'd stop having so many damned babies all the time.

She cared for the sick? Hardly. She built hospitals for the sick, and kept them understaffed and under supplied. When more people gave to her charity to remedy this, she used the money to build more hospitals with the same problem instead of supplying the hospitals she'd already built. If all the resources given to her were consolidated into one, truly modern hospital, she might have made some sort of real difference. Instead, her idea of caring for the sick was to provide a cot to lie down upon until the patient died. This was medical care for the Dark Ages, not the 20th century.

She kept almost no personal possessions for herself? Not so. She hoarded to herself the worst possession of all - pride. She sought to establish an order of nuns in India - named after herself. Yes, it's true, because she told us so herself. The part she left out was that her true god in all this would logically have to be, not Jehovah, but Teresa. She did it all, not to help the poor, because the poor were collateral to her goal. Her goal was to become a Saint. Her whole "charity" schtick was to that end. And the disgusting part in all of it is, it worked!

On top of all this was the disgusting way she would pander to the wealthy elites who gave to her. For example, she accepted an award from the hand of Ronald Reagan at the very moment the Contra rebels in Nicaragua, which he had been supporting clandestinely, were slaughtering good Catholics and nuns in that country. When she was later confronted with this fact by reporters, she refused to say anything against Reagan. "I don't get into that," she dismissively said.

In other words, while her mission may have been to comfort the afflicted, she never bothered to afflict the comfortable. She knew which side of the bread her butter was on, and went out of her way to never point out the sinfulness of those who were writing her checks.

So now this charlatan, this two-faced bitch, this anti-abortion crusader who belongs in the dustbin of history, has been made a Saint by Pope Francis. This is not only proof that Frankie isn't quite the totally refreshing change the Catholic Church needs, it also is the sort of thing we've come to expect from the organization which has systematized priestly abuse of young boys, then turned a blind eye to the victims, or even viciously attacked those of them who dared seek justice through the court system.

People all over the world are going to be praying to the newly minted St. Teresa. They will ask her for healing and health, in some cases even foregoing modern medical care to do so - an irony which would be funny were it not so tragic.

Here's a prayer I sincerely pray to her: "Dear Mother Teresa: May you spend eternity experiencing the exact same 'care' you gave to the sick during your lifetime."

I cannot imagine a more perfect hell.



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