Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Beware What You Wish For

Well, America, you've gone and done it. You've replaced Camelot Black with your own, private Nazi. And I'm going to have to spend the next two to four years scolding you and cleaning up your mess.

The final results are so skewed from expectations that I strongly suspect vote theft. I may never fully accept these results. But in the final analysis, I have to concede that there are enough morons in this country to render it possible. You all spotted an iceberg, and decided it looked pretty, so you elected a captain who would drive the ship right into it.

But enjoy your Pyrrhic victory while you can, conservatives. Cheer while your 401K tanks as the stock market crashes the very same day. Pop the cork on the champagne while it all burns down. Because the backlash against Trump will be fierce! He will be the worst president of all time, and his ineptitude, his cowardice, and his crass disregard for anything good and just will come back to haunt you. Expect a complete flip of House and Senate in 2018, because we're going to make the Tea Party look like, well, an actual tea party.

Beware what you wish for. Because you got it!

Trump may be a presidential victor, but he is also the death of conservatism, of right-wing dominance, but mostly, of Trumpism. Congratulations, I hope you choke on it. But in the meantime, we need to be on our guard to make sure that nobody is rounded up like Jews to Hitler's gas chamber. We need to watch this asshole like a hawk to make certain he doesn't burn down the House of Representatives like the Reichstag. And we need to prepare ourselves to pick up the pieces.

If there are even any pieces left to pick up.