Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Hillary Won The Popular Vote! Now It's Up To The E.C.

Here's the latest from CNN: Trump has 59,354,286 votes. Hillary has 59,589,612 votes. That gives Hillary a lead of 235,326, meaning she actually won the election.

But she didn't win the electoral college. The election was gerrymandered!

Now, the totals keep changing. For example, earlier in the morning, the election totals stood with Trump at 59,215,401, and Hillary at 59,391,000. These screen-captures off of prove what I mean. The top one is from earlier this morning:

But although the numbers keep changing, they are moving in Hillary's favor. The earlier one shows Hillary with a popular vote lead of 175,599 votes. The totals keep coming in, and the margin for victory for Hillary keeps growing!

This isn't some disputed outcome like the one which happened with Bush v. Gore back in 2000. This is clear-cut, and undisputed, even by the Trump camp.

Holy shit! The election was gerrymandered!

Hillary has given her concession speech, Obama has given his congratulatory phone call. But let me remind you, it isn't over until the fat lady sings, and she doesn't step on stage until the electoral college casts its vote, and that doesn't take place until January 6th of 2017.

So I'm calling upon all 538 members of the electoral college to exercise the power that the Constitution grants you. The electoral college was established for this very purpose and reason: to keep demagogues like Donald Trump out! The founding fathers were afraid that the people might just be stupid enough to pick a buffoon. And now that we know that Hillary won the popular vote, it has become a mandate for the electoral college to work the will of the people, and not the gaming of states and districts. Let the voice of the people be heard!

And I'm calling on all of you, my fellow citizens! Make your voices heard! We're not done yet! We're not defeated yet! Call your congressmen, call your senators! Let them know that they need to enforce the popular vote of the people, which Hillary Clinton clearly won.

I daresay some of you who voted for Donald Trump are now feeling pangs of regret, just as many did in England after the Brexit vote several months ago. Maybe you thought your protest vote wouldn't matter because Hillary would win anyway. Well, now's your chance to undo that damage! Join us!

Don't just call or email your congressmen and senators, pester them! Don't let up with sending them emails, tweets, and most importantly, physical letters written on actual paper and sent by snail-mail! Their staff really takes notice when their desks get buried!

Let the people's true vote be heard! Hell, even if the E.C. votes for Mike Pence or Paul Ryan, I'll take that over Trump! And many of you Republicans out there might agree with me on that!

Let's do this thing! Hell, this election has broken all kinds of precedents, already.

Let's break one more!



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