Friday, November 4, 2016

Trump's November Suprise Just Broke!

Like a cat chasing the red dot of a laser pointer, the media has been doggedly over-covering the James Comey letter to congress. And, like a laser pointer's dot, there just isn't anything substantive there for the media to grab on to. But they just can't stop trying.

Well, now there's a nice fat mouse for kitty to chase instead. According to several sources, including, the Trump Tower Hotel and Casino in Toronto, Canada has just gone bankrupt! That's right, five days before election day, Trump's utter failure as a businessman has just been made front and center.

We knew it had to happen sooner or later. We probably thought Trump would say something bad on the campaign trail, but so far, he's managed to stick to the usual lies. We might have even thought there would be another tape, perhaps akin to the devastating Access Hollywood video which brought him down to record lows, but so far, that hasn't been forthcoming.

Now we have it! The story that the media should be over-covering day and night, if it is at all capable of doing its job. Trump's only resume item, his prowess as a businessman, just got handed a big, fat "F" on its report card. Once again, Trump's ineptitude at handling money is front and center.

You can bet your ass that the Hillary camp will clamp its teeth around this one and not let go! And that means the media will have to cover it, even reluctantly. The Trump Train has been derailed!

And this is actually the second such Trump scandal that reveals him to be an utter failure as a businessman. As the chances of Trump being elected have improved, the stock market has tanked! This, as reported recently by NPR. This is because the free market recognizes that Trump is a liability to everyone's pocketbook. His unpredictability, his poor temperament, and frankly his bat-shit-craziness are portents of doom for nearly everyone's portfolio.

It's just the sort of caffeine we need to wake the fuck up. The Comey email thing was an unopened box full of nothing, and even if it contains anything at all, only Huma Abedin is on the hook for it, as I pointed out on the blog earlier. So the media can finally stop pretending it was ever a big deal in the first place.

And maybe, just maybe, I can stop trying to do their job for them.

Sing it loud! Sing it long! Trump's bankruptcy should be everyone's song!



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Ron said...

Glad I found your blog. I agree completely! Only three more days until Hillary is elected president. Yes!