Monday, November 7, 2016

It Wasn't James Comey!

Well, big shock, James Comey's unopened box has been opened, and it contains - nothing. That's right, nothing against Hillary Clinton at all. And now that this non-story has been exposed as the non-factor I suspected it was from the beginning, the media's line is something as follows:

"FBI Director James Comey says, 'Sorry! My bad! Nothing here!' But the damage may already have been done over nine days in which suspicions over Hillary's emails had been resurrected."

OH NO YOU DON'T!!! You clowns in the media don't get to shirk your responsibilities off on James Comey, as if he were somehow the reason you all lost your journalistic integrity and were falling over yourselves to mis-quote the FBI Director, saying that Hillary's email case was being re-opened, which it wasn't. Comey wasn't the reason you missed Huma Abedin, not Hillary, as the person who was really in trouble. And Comey wasn't the reason you wrongly said that this raised new questions about Hillary's email use, which it clearly didn't! YOU, the collective mainstream media, just plain blew it! And that wasn't James Comey's fault!

If you want to report the truth, report how Donald Trump blames everyone else for his own misdeeds and offensive slurs. After all, it takes one to know one!



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