Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Only Responsible News Story Is...

There is only one responsible news story the media should be covering. If any of it were fair and objective, if it were doing its job at keeping the public informed about what they need to know in order to be responsible citizens, it would report this. From the Left, the Right, and the Center, there is only one responsible news story, and it is this:

"Oh, my god! Donald Trump is completely insane!"

That's the naked truth, and it has needed to be the number one headline for a year and a half. But the media seems to have decided to ignore the fact that Donald Trump is a raving madman.

Why? Because doing so does not appear to be impartial. The truth, this time around, is completely partisan. One of the two major parties has picked a total Loony Tune for a candidate, and saying so looks like taking sides. But the media can't afford to ignore it anymore. The balanced and objective truth must be told.

Donald Trump is mad as a fucking hatter!

It's the story of the century! A madman is the prime candidate of the Republican party! And this little blog has the scoop? No, it really doesn't. We've known it since early 2015. We've known it since Trump led the birther movement, and Jon Stewart's reaction to Trump's candidacy was to thank God Above for providing him with a bevy of jokes. All this little blog has done is pick up the news story all the behemoths have somehow ignored, and run with it.

Donald Trump is as nuts as Howard Beale! (See the movie Network, 1976.)

Donald has proved it yet again, with a complete misrepresentation of what happened when Barack Obama had a pro-Trump protester appear at one of his rallies. Obama handled the Trump-fan with dignity and respect, reminding the crowd that we live in a nation of free speech, and that we shouldn't boo, we should vote.

By contrast, Donald Trump cast this event in a totally inaccurate light. "If I yelled at this protester the way he did, they would call me unhinged," he said. And then, in a bizarre twist, he said, "You have to go back and look and study and see what happened."

So we all did. And Trump IS unhinged!

Donald Trump is fucking insane!

I have something of a retraction to make, and a pivot. I was convinced that the news story from about Trump International Tower & Casino going bankrupt would be the story that woke the media up. But what blunted the story, apparently, was the fact that this tower was not owned by Trump himself. As such, the media dropped the ball, in spite of my pestering everyone I possibly could on Twitter about it.

But the actual owner of the Trump tower was a Russian businessman who made his money off Ukranian steel. This should make the story even bigger, because it raises the awful specter, yet again, of Trump's business ties to Russia influencing his decision making should he actually get into the White House.

Donald Trump is a madman, and a Russian Manchurian candidate!

And this is before we get to his consistent misogyny, his abuse of women, his infidelities, his bullying, his hiding of tax returns, and his current status of being on trial for being a sexual predator.

Say what you will about Hillary, but at least her guilt is buried in innuendo and technical jargon. Trump, by contrast, has given us empirical proof by belching his disqualifications into microphone after microphone.

Trump is a madman, Russian Manchurian candidate, misogynistic sexual predator and tax dodger. Where. Is. The. Media?! 

And now, the FBI has a faction which has essentially declared war upon Hillary Clinton. They have given out a mystery box which contains nothing, and the media has fallen over themselves covering it as though it were a Malaysian airliner downed in the Indian Ocean. This is much more than a media failure. It is what amounts to a military coup, with the FBI and James Comey assuming the role of a Praetorian Guard!

Trump is killing democracy! Where. Is. The. Media?!

The balanced opinion is, and must be, partisan in favor of the democrats. But the media doesn't want to appear partisan, because they've mistaken being partisan for being biased. And so they have not only dropped the ball, they have stomped on it, kicking it full of holes with their cleats until it is deflated, and then standing on it saying, "There's no ball, here."

And because the media has done this, the madness has spread. Regardless of the outcome, Trumpism must be defeated long afterward. And it's their fault.

Yes, we get it. Clear-cut winners in elections are bad for ratings. But cutting it this close is playing chicken with the survival of our democracy. And once we lose power to a demagogue like Trump, we will never get it back!

It's all on the verge of collapsing if people are dumb enough to support Trump. Yes, there has been hyperbole about men like Mitt Romney and John McCain in the past, but they were at least honorable men who would have respected the rule of law. Not so with Trump. It's gone beyond the ability for hyperbole to exaggerate how dire the situation will be if he wins. This is not fearmongering - it is FEAR! And this time, no exaggeration, and NO JOKE!

Where. Is. The. Media?!




Ron said...

Where is the media? Intimidated by Donald Trump and his supporters.

Ron said...

By the way, James Comey just released a statement today that a review of the e-mails on Anthony Weiner's computer has not changed his original decision not to press charges against Hillary Clinton. Short notice only two days before the election and of course the Trump campaign will lie and whine but at least this is good news.