Thursday, November 3, 2016

I Know How Hillary Can Win!

Everyone in the Hillary camp is frantically looking for a way to shift the debate away from the non-existant, non-scandal that James Comey broke the law to foist upon the American public. And, like a cat chasing a laser-pointer, the media is jumping all over that little red dot, even though there's nothing there to get their claws into. How can Hillary shift everything back to the state when she practically had it in the bag, and the debate was not whether Hillary would win, but whether she would take the House with her?

I know how.

She needs to go to Cannon Ball, North Dakota, and stand with the Sioux who are protesting there.

This does much more than force the media to give this stand-off the coverage it deserves. It forces Donald Trump to say something about it. And there's almost no chance he will say something that isn't violently offensive.

Up until now, Hillary's support of the Sioux and Standing Rock has been tepid at best. But a firm commitment from her on this issue does much. It completely erases her gaff over the Keystone XL pipeline. It fires up the liberal base. It makes sure the debate is about protecting people and not corporations.

Everything shifts back towards Hillary again, the vote becomes a referendum against Donald Trump, Hillary wins, and takes the House with her.

Play it out in your mind's eye, and you'll see I'm right.

And then ask yourself why Alex Jones has a TV show, and I don't.



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