Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Help Us, Electoral College!

As I look at the election results with ever increasing horror, I am struck by how exaggerated the results are opposite to expectations. The polls, which gave Hillary a tenuous but clear five-point lead, seem to be off by a factor of ten points or more in the opposite direction. That DOES NOT happen when the breaking news in in her favor. I am truly and completely baffled, unless...

The results are wrong.

That's the only way these results make sense. For so long, Donald Trump complained that the system is rigged. As such, many have apparently taken it upon themselves to rig the system in a way which favors him instead. Either that, or everyone's early ballots have gone missing somehow, which is essentially the same thing.

The only way these bizarre results make sense is if the early voting totals were somehow wiped out. I don't even want to contemplate what that means, but I must.

It's finally happened. Our votes truly don't count, anymore. They've gone from gerrymandering to outright vote theft.

Even if the results are genuine, which I very much doubt, I must now call upon all members of the Electoral College to fulfill their Constitutional responsibility. Demagogues like Donald Trump were exactly the reason the Electoral College was put in place. It exists solely to prevent some two-bit entertainer from duping the American public into destroying the entire system.

And so, I call upon you, every member of the Five Hundred and Thirty Eight, to reject these bogus election results. which have either been skewed, hacked or both. Reject them and install anyone else. I don't care if it's Hillary. Put in Pence. Put in Johnson. For Christ's sake put in Paul Ryan, but keep Trump out!

You are our last line of defense, now.

I'm begging you. Please. Put ANY other Republican in charge.



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